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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Things I Want to Do: Eating Japanese Cuisine with Eggs

Japan is one of the largest consumers of eggs. Eggs are cheap and nutritious. Every time I try to look for Japanese recipes on the internet, I would always see eggs listed among the ingredients. It’s very common for Japanese people to use raw eggs as their sauce. Raw eggs are very clean and safe in Japan.

A very popular dish in Japan is the Omurice. It is rice typically mixed with chicken, ketchup, mushrooms, and is wrapped in thin layer of creamy fried egg. Tamago kake gohan, another popular Japanese cuisine, is rice mixed with raw eggs and soy sauce.


File:Tamago kake gohan.jpg
Tamago kake gohan

If I could afford another trip to Japan, I would love to try eating different Japanese dishes with eggs.