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A BIG hello from The Little Girl! This blog is about places I've visited, mostly in Asia. Traveling is my passion. You will find lots of pictures and helpful links here. I haven't visited a lot of places, so you may find some posts about countries that I have never been to (but would want to visit someday). I will also write about places in my country - the Philippines.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Going to Hong Kong Disneyland for the Second Time!

Our travel agent told us that a lot of Filipino tourists will be flocking to Hong Kong this year. We got lucky for booking our tickets early. Plane tickets are fully booked weeks earlier.

We visit Hong Kong every Christmas. So what’s special this year? We’re going to Disneyland for the second time! It’s Hong Kong Disneyland’s fifth year anniversary. Plus, a new area has been opened to the public – the Toy Story Land! The new “land” offers new attractions, new merchandises, and new food items. Being a huge Toy Story fan, I can’t wait to see the park.

Since Hong Kong will be expecting lots of tourist, it’s important to buy your Disney tickets as early as possible. There are two types of tickets:
  1. Standard Day Tickets – You can go to the park on any day within six months upon purchase.
  2. Designated Day Tickets – You can go to the park only on the designated date stamped at the back of the ticket.

With the Designated Day Tickets, you automatically have a reserved admission to the park on the selected date. On the other hand, with the Standard Day Tickets, you cannot go into the park once it has reached its full capacity. The park can only hold around 34,000 guests. Both tickets cost the same.

Check the ticket prices on HK Disneyland’s official website.

These photos were taken in December, 2008 at Hong Kong Disneyland.

On a side note, I’ve liked to share a great tip from the Anderson show: The best time to buy plane tickets is on a Wednesday on 1 am (U.S. Time).:)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

My Funny Experience in the Tokyo Subway: Taking the Train from Shinjuku to Shibuya with My Sister

Dancing in the Tokyo Train Station

This article is not a step-by-step guide on how to take Tokyo's complicated subway system. Nor is it about what to/what not to buy in Shinjuku or in Shibuya. So if you're looking for these information, I apologize for not being a bit helpful. This is about my funny experience in Tokyo several months ago. I went there with my entire family (conists of Dad, Mom, and older twin sister named "seriousnuts"). None of us knew how to take the subway, but we went there anyway. Our mistake was, we went there during the rush hour...
So read on, laugh all you want, and I will laugh with you, too! But if you love it, please do share this lens with your friends!

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