What is this blog about?

A BIG hello from The Little Girl! This blog is about places I've visited, mostly in Asia. Traveling is my passion. You will find lots of pictures and helpful links here. I haven't visited a lot of places, so you may find some posts about countries that I have never been to (but would want to visit someday). I will also write about places in my country - the Philippines.

About Me

Hi, my name is cheerfulnuts. I also refer to myself as the little girl. I started writing online in March, 2011 after learning about blogging’s earning potential. I am aware that I’m just one of the million bloggers on the internet, and there are lots of more talented writers than I am. But if I can earn, even if for just a few dollars, then it’s worth trying, right?
I signed up on Blogger and also on a well-known writing platform known as HubPages. I focused more on HubPages and gained more than a hundred followers. I wasn’t that active on Blogger though. Slowly, with the help of my online friends, I gained some confidence in my writing. I saw my earnings add up. I was happy and hopeful.
Six months later, I received a dreaded email from Google Adsense. I was banned. To find out the whole story, read my post about how Google Adsense banned me.
After this incident, I started searching for other great alternatives to earn online. I transferred most of my articles from Hubpages to my blog. But my Cheerfulnuts Blog is a personal blog, and most of my Hubs are not about my life. I also realized that most of my Hubs are about my travels. Thus, Where to Go and What to Do blog was born.
I haven’t traveled to the West. In fact, I have only visited a few places in Asia. But I love traveling, and I love writing about it. I’m also fond of taking pictures. All the photos here are owned by me unless otherwise specified. The silly drawings that you see here are all drawn by myself using Paint (yeah, I don’t know how to use Photoshop LOL). Since I love writing, you will also find some posts about places that I haven’t been to. If you’re an adventurer, or if you enjoy reading other people’s adventures, then this blog is for you! Have fun traveling!

Lots Love,

(The Little Girl)

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