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A BIG hello from The Little Girl! This blog is about places I've visited, mostly in Asia. Traveling is my passion. You will find lots of pictures and helpful links here. I haven't visited a lot of places, so you may find some posts about countries that I have never been to (but would want to visit someday). I will also write about places in my country - the Philippines.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Beautiful Fireworks Display in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle

My family loves watching fireworks displays. So the second time we visited Hong Kong Disneyland, we made sure that we wouldn’t miss the fireworks display that takes place every night before the park closes.

It was a bit tough for my middle aged parents to stay the whole day in a theme park. Most of the time, we would find some restaurants and buy some overpriced snacks to let my parents unwind for a while. We had spent more than HK$800 just on food. What sucks is that the foods aren’t very palatable to us.

Anyway, before the clock stroke 9, we hurried to the sleeping beauty castle and found a nice spot in front of it. The castle was very pretty. Its color changes – from green to red, from red to yellow, and from yellow to green again. I would catch myself taking pictures of the castle again and again. I fell in love with it!

The fireworks display was jaw-dropping. I haven’t seen the fireworks in other Disneylands so I have nothing to compare it with. But I am very pleased with it! I took some pictures of the castle during the fireworks. Hope you like it!